Chili Thai Spring Rolls

When I thought of making a pasta dish, I wanted something light.
I was looking for a quick and cool summer pasta for a crowd, so I hit my pantry and noticed the rice paper sheets I had on hand.
Perfect for an appetizer, or a fresh meal, depending on what you choose to fill them with, these really only take a few minutes to assemble making them the ultimate no-cook pasta.


100g Whole Wheat Spaghettini (1/4 box)
1/2 Package Extra Firm Tofu (in Chili Lime marinade)
1/2 Red Bell Pepper
1/2 Yellow Bell Pepper
1 Carrot
1/2 English Cucumber
2 Scallions
1/2 Bunch Cilantro, washed and roughly chopped
8 Rice Paper Sheets


5 Tablespoons Lime Juice
1 Tablespoon Hot Chili Sauce
2 Cloves Garlic, minced


1/4 Cup Soy Sauce
2/1/2 Tablespoons Sesame Seed Oil
2 teaspoons Hot Chili Sauce
2 Cloves Garlic, minced
1 teaspoon Ginger, minced
Juice of 1/2 Lime
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Sesame Seeds, for garnish, optional

Drain and cut the tofu into 1/2″ slices.
Place the tofu into a seal able bag or container.
Whisk the marinade and pour it over the tofu.
Put the tofu into the freezer for a least 1 hour.
Over a medium flame, grill the tofu for 5 minutes per side, or until golden and slightly crisp. Set aside to cool.
Cook pasta al dente, as to package directions; about 8 minutes in rapidly boiling, lightly salted water.
Wash and slice peppers, cucumber and scallions in to 1/4″ julienne.
Slice cooled tofu into 1/4″ strips.
Peel and slice carrot into 1/8″ matchsticks.
Whisk the dipping sauce ingredients together, reserving the sesame seeds, if using.
Add 2 Tablespoons of the dipping sauce to a medium sized bowl, add drained, cooked pasta and toss to coat. Set aside.
Add enough hot water to the bottom of a 9×12 baking dish, or other shallow pan to fit a rice paper wrapper.
Clear a work surface or a cutting board to assemble the spring rolls.
Submerge one wrapper in the hot water, gently moving it with your fingers to evenly moisten it. Once it is soft and flexible, remove it from the water and lay it gently on your work surface and smooth out the sheet to a flat circle.
In the center, lay a few cilantro leaves, carrot sticks, two of each pepper colour, two strips of tofu and enough of the spaghettini just to cover the vegetables. Top with two strips of cucumber and a few more of the cilantro leaves being sure to leave a 2″ boarder around the edges.
Fold the bottom towards the center, following with the top, then bringing one side over the filling, tucking it under as tightly as possible, without tearing the wrapper. Continue to fold and wrap over until you are left with a cylinder shaped package that is about 2″ thick and 5″ long.
Repeat with the remaining rice wrappers until the filling is gone, being sure to keep the soaking water hot.
Note that not all packages may be perfect, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
Slice or leave whole, serve with the remaining dipping sauce.


~ by Dayna on July 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Chili Thai Spring Rolls”

  1. What a fabulous treat! They look divine and I’m sure taste just as remarkable. Thanks so much for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  2. YUmz….I love that…now my stomach can be satisfied eating those spring rolls with pasta in it :D

  3. Wow, this looks delicious! It’s my first time on your blog.. congratulations, it’s wonderful, and I’m definitely going to try this recipe!

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