Five Things And A Basket Of Peaches – Part Four

I have to admit, I snuck out and bought yet another basket of peaches. I just couldn’t resist, there’s something about peaches, when they’re perfectly ripe, fragrant and so sweet, I love the freshness of them. The dripping juice made me want to keep this next recipe, well, pure. After baking much of my previous basket, I was craving something luscious and fresh to really celebrate their sweet flavour.

What started as a trifle ended up more as a parfait. It was a great way to really enjoy the peaches, and other than straight from the market stall, what better way to eat a peach is there than with just a dollop of cream?


2 Peaches
1/2 Cup Raspberries
1/2 Package Soft Silken Tofu
1 Tablespoon Orange Juice
1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
3 Tablespoons Confectioners Sugar
2 Tablespoons Soy Milk
Zest of Half an Orange

Pit and slice peaches in to bite sized pieces; set aside.
Combine tofu and sugar in a food processor and process until smooth.
With the machine running, add the soy milk, orange juice and vanilla through the feeder cap.
Stir in orange zest. Taste and adjust vanilla and soy milk for flavour and consistency, if necessary. The tofu cream should be thick but smooth, like “real” whipping cream.
Using a champagne glass or other parfait style serving glass, begin with adding a spoonful of the chopped peaches, followed by a few raspberries and topped with the tofu cream. Repeat as the glass will hold ending with the tofu cream.
Garnish with a peach slice, and extra raspberry and a leaf of mint or a curl of orange zest.
Serve immediately or chill until ready.

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