Chinese Lanterns

I think it was my third grade teacher who used to grow these, at least that’s the first memory I have of them. I’d never seen anything like them and even at the age of eight, I was fascinated.

I had found seeds and tried to grow them myself since then, but it wasn’t until we moved to our current house that I’d seen them. My neighbour has quite the spread and once they pop up it’s always the symbol of early autumn.

Due to my inability to grow these plants, I’m often envious of any I see, especially when I read of how prolific they are. So, imagine my reaction when, out on a stroll, I saw an off shoot traveling away from the pack, growing under a fence. With a glance over each shoulder and an apology under my breath, I gave it a yank and began to imagine my centerpiece of the month.

Ah, to what lengths I will go to for guests.


~ by Dayna on September 27, 2007.

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