I am so excited I had to share the news of my hosting duties for the December edition of “Does My Blog Look Good In This?”
The ultimate hosting extravaganza, this side of Christmas is happening right now over at my other blog, Food+Photography.
If you haven’t visited yet, please do, this site was practically made for it.

It may be hard to tell, but I love taking pictures, almost as much as making the food for them. When I first began this blog I wanted a place to share my adventures in vegan cooking and to catalogue my recipes. I was surprised at my facination around the photos. I loved taking them and seeking new, beautiful shots out around the internet.

Imagine my delight when Andrew asked me to host this month’s DMBLGIT!
I’ve asked who I think are some of the most talented photographers within my personal sphere to judge the entries and they all accepted. I think this will be a very exciting edition of DMBLGIT.
Go and see then enter your best shots from November posts.

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I'm a chef, food stylist, cancer survivor, recipe developer, art director and photographer. My obsession for food, how it looks and makes me healthier has driven my passion for chronicling my journey through photos. Find more about me on: or my portfolio at:

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