Potato Leek Soup

It’s unseasonably warm but damp today. Crazily enough, once winter takes it’s hold, at least for me, I just wish it would put us into it’s full throws. Cold, crisp, freeze your the inside of your nose, crunchy snow kind of winter. I find it a little easier warming up from the cold rather than the damp which is why today, I needed a little extra help.

Quick, satisfying, revive you to your toes help, like potato leek soup.

Potato leek is virtually the premise for most vegan “cream” soups, which is what makes it so perfect.
The simplicity leaves for the attention to details like the perfect potato, consistency, herb combination and finishing drizzles of infused oils and the like. It’s a free pallet that’s open for individual taste, but no matter what your preference, the satisfaction is all there.

I choose to keep my soup fairly au natural as possible then jazzing it up with some little bite sized Walnut Rosemary and Kalamata Madeleines.
Mmmm savoury and delicious.


4 Medium Yukon Gold Potatoes, peeled and diced
2 Large Leeks, light green and white parts
2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
3 Tablespoons Dry White Wine
4 Sprigs Fresh Thyme, 1 teaspoon dried
1/2 Sprig Fresh Rosemary, finely minced, about 1/2 teaspoon
2 Bay Leaves
6 Cups Vegetable Stock or Water
1 teaspoon Salt, or to taste
1/4 teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper or to taste
1 Cup Unflavoured Soy Milk

Rinse the leeks well then thinly slice.
Peel and dice the potatoes.
In a large stockpot, heat the oil over a medium-high flame.
Add the leeks to the oil and sweat until they are softened, about 3-5 minutes.
Pour over the wine and sauté for an additional minute.
Add the potatoes and stir well to prevent sticking.
Add the stock, salt, bay leaves, rosemary and thyme.
Bring the soup to a simmer and cook until the potatoes are soft, about 20 minutes.
Add the pepper and remove the bay leaves and thyme stems.
Then blend with a hand immersion blender or a food processor until smooth.
Once slightly cooled, stir in the soy milk.
Adjust salt and pepper, if necessary.
Garnish with truffle oil, chives, smoked gouda or toasted garlic… you name the taste.


~ by Dayna on January 7, 2008.

12 Responses to “Potato Leek Soup”

  1. one of my fave soups!

  2. Looks delicious!!! I’ll definitely try the recipe out:)

  3. Very nice soup Dayna! I great photo too :)

  4. That would be the perfect dinner for tonight, Dayna!

  5. That’s a very nice winter soup! You got me all curious with the Walnut Rosemary Madeleines – is there a recipe you can share? And your photo is beautiful, Danya. :)

  6. What a lovely version of one of my all time favorite comfort soups. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I just made it for dinner and it was every bit as delicious as it looks in your photo!

  8. Is there anything more comforting than potato soup!!! Yours looks and sounds divine….

  9. I stumbled across this recipe and made it for dinner tonight. It was great, my husband and I both enjoyed it (he opted for truffle oil). I would be confident serving it to my non-veggie friends as well.

    So glad you enjoyed it. So great with the truffle oil!

  10. This looks amazing! I may make it this weekend for some dinner guests. Can you please tell me approximately how many servings the above recipe makes?
    Depending on your serving size, this recipe will feed 6 – 8 people.
    I hope you & your guests enjoy it!

  11. This is super good! I added lots of black pepper to mine and it was delish. Great recipe.

  12. I adore this. I make it often! Its “my” signature soup I make to impress!

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