Daring Bakers – Vegan Cheesecake Pops

Twice busted. I’d been holding off making this month’s cheesecake pops due to birthday celebration purposes…

It’s my son’s turn at a birthday this week, so I thought that these would be just perfect, since the family will be en route for is Favourite Things Dinner. As part of his request the dessert had to be chocolate… with candy (no strawberries, like his sister likes).

To make a long story shorter, I would call this month’s attempt at veganizing the Daring Bakers challenge a fantastic disaster. The result was not exactly cheesy or cakey, but look forward to the results as the weather warms a little more

As for the actual challenge, I do indeed complete them twice, so you can find the original recipe over on my Food + Photography blog.

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3 thoughts on “Daring Bakers – Vegan Cheesecake Pops”

  1. I clicked on the link to the recipe for these “vegan” cheesecake pops, but they are NOT vegan. The recipe contained eggs yolks and such. Very disappointing.

  2. Sorry for any confusion. The Daring Baker’s are a monthly baking challenge which is seldom originally vegan.Since I didn’t find my vegan results very cakey I did like them none the less. However, because I wouldn’t describe them as cheesecake like, I will be posting my results as the weather warms.

    The link above is to my other blog which is omnivorous and it is the original, yet reduced, recipe posted by the Daring Baker’s group.

  3. Your pops look gorgeous, even if your recipe wasn’t quite what you wanted! I had fun veanizing them, and my recipe wasn’t perfect either, but it’ll be fun to play with in the future. I especially like the matcha addition you made.

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