Daring Bakers Go Vegan!

Did hell freeze over? Nah. But there was a surprising lack of a dozen eggs and copious amounts of buttercream, with this months Daring Bakers, as seen in many of the past challenges.
Chosen by Natalie and Shellyfish, these lavash crackers and an accompanying dip, had to be kept within the perimeters of being vegan and possibly even gluten-free.

A simple recipe but long overdue. It’s relatively hands off, quick and perfect for impressing guests and serving some of this autumn’s great preserves.

With my disabled back, I’ve found myself slow cooking and preserving the summer harvest more than usual. Typically canning might be considered time consuming or precise, but I’ve been cooking, roasting and caramelizing and quickly canning once everything is nice and sticky.

For this batch of lavash crackers, I popped open my jars of roasted fig with caramelized sweet onion spread and a purple pepper jelly. However, with so many great topping suggestions, like cinnamon or caraway, I also tried a rosemary sea salt with pumpkin seed combo – yummy.

For more pictures and the full recipe, check out my other blog, Food+Photography or the many, many other Daring Bakers blogs.


~ by Dayna on September 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “Daring Bakers Go Vegan!”

  1. Gorgeous photo! Munch, munch, munch.

  2. I am SOOOO excited about this month’s DBC, since it’s already veganized- less work for you in the process, which is always nice :0)

    LOOOOVE your particular batch of the crackers; and the spread & jelly that you used??? FABULOUS flavors!! Yum.

  3. That DBC challenge is awesome, but I’m wondering if you have any good sources for canning. I’m planning on giving it a try next year, but honestly have no idea how to go about it. Any suggestions?

  4. I do. I’ve been planning a post to cover the basics. Stay tuned!
    It actually is pretty easy + fun!

  5. Your crackers are beautiful!

  6. Isn’t it a nifty thought that hundreds of Daring Bakers were all baking vegan for this one? Your crackers look perfectly crispy and delicious, too!

  7. Feel you pain with the back issues, really puts a damper on cooking (I’m embarrased to say that you’re pushing through much better than I). Congrats on making it through. Your results are stunning!

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