I’ve finally found a time of year where I can’t find an excuse not to eat a little better.

Honestly, doing a detox for the next 21 days has more to do with January than New Year’s and all it’s resolutions.
It’s something I’ve been meaning to do and put it off again and again. I’ve finally found that this month and the next couldn’t the be better. I’ve had every food excuse. Last spring with all it’s new produce, the summer with it’s berries, cobblers and bbq’s the fall harvest… you get the picture.

Based on the Dr. Joshi Diet, the next three weeks will have:
No Coffee
No Alcohol
No Sugar (Maple syrup is ok)
No Wheat or Yeast (ack)
No Nightshades; potatoes, peppers, eggplants or tomatoes.
No Fruit (double ack)

It’s long overdue. I need a balance and this is what this type of elimination diet is trying to achieve. A balanced PH, making my body more alkaline rather than acidic. I just never realized how much I liked acidic once I tried to figure out what to eat when you’re not allowed to eat anything.

Seriously, I made the trip to the grocery store to stock up and in trying to keep in interesting I wanted to eat more than brown rice with broccoli every night, not that I won’t enjoy that. Especially with a little maple glazed tofu… but for all of you with allergies I feel for you. Even after eliminating all of these things, my bill had never seen such heights!
Goes to prove, cheap is NOT healthy.

Wish me luck.

I’ll be sure to post once I figure out what to eat beyond today’s roasted butternut and edamame;)

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13 thoughts on “Detox”

  1. Can I ask what you felt was so imbalanced about your previous diet? I’m a little confused what purpose eliminating fruit serves… Don’t get me wrong, I wish you the best of luck, more just hoping to understand what the issue with fruit is.

    I’m having “health” issues that I’m hoping might be allergy related etc. So I just wanted give myself a clean reboot. I’m not crazy about the no fruit either but it’s apparently all to do with acids and sugar. Temporarily eliminating it is said to improve my digestion – but trust me, I over did it on a whole pomegranate last night, just to get my fill.
    Where I’m sure that there are “acceptable” fruits – I can eat bananas, but fruit mostly consist of sugars (and fiber and I’m sure I’ll be getting enough of THAT).

  2. I’m interested to see how your detox goes! I’ve always been curious about doing one, myself, but haven’t quite been able to justify it so far. (I’m big on “excuses,” too!)

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read all about it – best of luck!

  3. Sniff…no one to coffee with…but that’s ok. All the best of luck. No time like the present to reduce certain stuff (ok, maybe not coffee in this house, I’m not that brave). But I’ll gladly reduce my wine consumption, my sugar consumption…

  4. Got it. You’re right that fruits are sugar and fiber, but they’re also a lot of vitamins. Antioxidants for example are primarily from fruits. Make sure to eat ginger, chili, kale and beets to make up for it! ;) (I’m sure if you have a plant based diet you’ll be fine actually.)

    Are you going to be eating animal products? (You’re not vegan, right? You cook for friends if I remember correctly?)

    The “detox” mostly consists of plants and whole grains. So far, yesterday, it’s been greens, sprouted beans and squash with lentils, oats and brown rice.
    As far as meat goes, eggs, fish and poultry are allowed but I don’t usually eat much of that on purpose, so I’m not sure if I’m stray far from tofu.

  5. Best wishes for your diet journey. You should look into Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the diet they preach. A lot of warming foods, and foods to heal. My acupuncturist completely changed my diet following this route, and I’ve never felt better. You might find the book “The Tao of Healthy Eating” by Bob Flaws worth your time.

    Thank you so much. I dabbled a bit in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture last year. I don’t know if I didn’t stick it out long enough though. It was in combination with chiropractic, which eventually absorbed most of the treatment. I will look into the book. Thanks again.

  6. Good luck.

    I am giving up alcohol and meat for about 90 days. ANd seriously working out. Make sure you speak with your physcian…some of htese “detox” diets can be very harmful to liver and kidneys. Just be mindful.

  7. I’m doing a similar cleanse and loving it! It was hard the first few days–headaches, fatigue–but now that the toxins and allergens are out of my system, I feel better than ever. I have TONS of energy, am not nearly as hungry, and haven’t had any cravings. I’m on day six out of fourteen… so wish me luck on the next week or so! And good luck to you!
    That’s so great to hear! I was lucky to not have headaches but the fatigue’s been something else these first few days. Like you my body is feeling fresher and more energetic already. Best of luck on the second half!

  8. It’s been a month of a similar cleanse diet and I’m really happy with the results.I didn’t experienced fatigue, just a couple of headaches.And no cravings but a lot of energy. I recommend a detox diet to everyone.

  9. i am familiar with the joshi detox diet, but i understand that he recommends chicken in it (or am i mistaken)? do you think a vegetarian version will be just as healthy & yield similar results (and no, i am not asking for medical advice, just your opinion, i have not personally met anyone who has successfully tried this detox and am curious as to your opinion)?

    LOVE your blog, btw, your recipes and photographs have been a favorite of mine….

    Thank you very much!
    As far as I could gather from the book. Poultry and fish are acceptable, but not recommended. You can completely get by on proteins like tofu & beans.
    My mother-in-law has done this detox with good success and returned to it a few times. I really think, as with most things, you have to find your own balance and follow your body’s direction. (Mind you I’m still only on day 4…)

  10. thx for the reply, and i cant wait to see where it takes you… it seemed so restrictive for me, but if i can witness success then i may become inspired!

  11. There are some thoughts that winter is not a good time for a detox that restricts foods too much. The thinking is that we need to eat enough nourishing food to keep our immune systems strong against all the winter bugs that are still around.
    I honestly think that with these “restrictions” I’ve been eating a more nourishing and nutrient rich diet. Without the option to reach for a rib sticking meal that might contain potatoes or gluten, I’m filling up on whole grains, baby greens, colourful root vegetables and squash. I am missing those blood oranges coming into season though:)

  12. Okay, I am sure you are questioned out, but why is maple syrup okay? Just curious, as I can’t imagine what nutritional benefit it would have over fruit.
    I didn’t create the detox, so I’m going to have to harbor a guess. I think that this detox tries to eliminate refined sugars, toxins and allergens. I think that the reason fruit is out is because of the way it breaks down in some people’s bodies too quickly not allowing it to be digested properly, amongst other sugar/acidic reasons. So the maple syrup an I would suppose agave nectar are ok because they aren’t refined sweeteners.
    Of course, if there are others out there who can better explain or find a way for me to eat a grape in the next 14 days, it’d be
    greatly appreciated:)

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