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I used to be one of the biggest beef eaters in the bunch, so talk about intimidating when my future in-laws were coming for dinner for the first time –

What does someone cook? I had no idea. I didn’t think I’d be able to get away with just a salad with an oil and vinegar dressing… plus my growling stomach could get embarrassing during that first meeting.

With a bit of training in French Cuisine, it’s pretty tough fighting the urge to put bacon, duck fat or just butter into an entrée. Naturally, MY parents think this is great when they’re en route for a family feast – but when both families are coming? What is a girl to do?

As might be expected, I set off blazing for and all vegetarian cookbooks I could get my greasy mitts on searching for answers. The books were filled with beautiful images of quiches, soufflés and vegetable lasagnas. Hmmm, ooey gooey goodness…
Stop. Wait, hello, they don’t eat eggs or cheese.
Vegan – NO animal products, no milk, no cheese.
Now, what was I supposed to feed them? Sand?

As I researched and studied food science a bit more, this funny thing happened, I realized that they are not rabbits and nor could I feed them birdseed like I was raised to think. However, I still personally had one dining hurdle to overcome myself. How was I to complete a meal without just having a plate full of side dishes? My brain and my stomach,  needed to get that satisfaction from eating. I mean, I love green beans, I’ll eat them until I turn green when they’re in season, but it’s still just a side dish of green beans. My body is bound to continue searching for something more on that plate to call it a meal, otherwise it’s just a huge snack of beans and a fabulous excuse to eat butter.

So where was I? Right, sand, green beans and satisfying all your guests at dinner. I started slowly and realized that spaghetti without the meatball might be a good alternative, but they may be on to me after a few meals. Besides, many pastas contain eggs, so that wasn’t the answer. But I felt I was getting somewhere, I was on to something.

With the help of this blog I’ve started to get it all down. There are so many gratifying meals to be had.
I’ve learned I actually can please people all of the time and, if it was any addition to my new accomplishment, I think I’ve shed a few pounds in the process of developing these evolved eating habits. I usually have an idea of what to cook for dinner when company is coming and it’s something that I can feel satisfied eating. Something filling, but also something I can recognize it as a meal, a main course and not just a series of side dishes.

Be creative, evolve and enjoy.

I’d love to hear from you.

Writer, stylist, photographer and cook of all things edible.

I am available for freelance work as a food writer, food stylist and photographer, and recipe developer. Contact me for further information.

Feel free to email me at: veganvisitor@gmail.com

All material is copyrighted Vegan Visitor/Food+Photography, Dayna McIsaac


6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. really wonderfully explained. i’ve been so many things – raw – vegan – macro – the works. now i just try and be balanced and if i eat meat i want it grass fed – all natural. etc… i just bought bacon which i rarely have but it was from niman ranch. so you do the best you can – and in my case that involves reigning it on from time to time….

  2. dayna, thank you for the vegan creme brulet! also I was looking for hot cross buns with out animal products or nearly vegan. thank you for your webpage blog.

  3. Dayna, Was I ever happy to have come across your website. I am a mother of not one, but three “vegan” children. Could I ever relate to your first expierience with your in-laws, but as time has gone on, and I have been blessed with vegan cookbooks, and so forth, I’ve come to realize that being vegan does not mean that one must give up certain foods. In fact, it has opened the door to much more possibilities with food. I am definitely a fan of your receipes. Speaking of, I made the cinnamon rolls for my family, and they loved them.

  4. The recipes are great.

    BUT porcelain isn’t vegan! It’s made from bone.

  5. I absolutely ADORE your blog! Your dishes never fail to make me salivate! :)

    –Erin @ “Vegan & the City”

  6. Porcelain isn’t made from bone, it’s made from kaolin (clay) and petuntse (mineral)….china sometimes contains bones (the giveaway is when it’s called bone china)

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