Asian Rice & Peas

Simple as it is delicious, this quick dinner offers aromas of the East with it’s ginger and sesame combination.

Sesame always fills my house with the most terrific scent. You can’t help but notice what you’re about to experience when you smell it and blissully it, almost always, sends diners salivating. Pair that with a wonderfully huge bag of Fall Sugar Snap Peas and thank you, my lunch is served.

Brown rice in a pressure cooker is a put it in and forget it for 25 minutes kind of easy, so fixing up an extra Sesame Bok Choy side dish was not a problem.

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Soba 101

One of my most favourite places to explore is any neighbourhood China Town. Bustling with people, new aromas, and spilling produce, this exciting area of most major cities is a feast for the eyes.

Here in Toronto, tucked a few blocks over from the central China Town is a small but wonderful Japanese store. After refilling my wasabi prescription, I gaze along the long aisles of offerings. Included are various teas, Hello Kitty Pocky sticks, every shade of miso, enoki mushrooms and of course, noodles.

Wheat, rice, green tea, tofu, ramen, udon and soba noodle varieties ready for any dish the Far East has ever created.

How elated was I to discover that soba is the name for buckwheat in Japanese?
For those of you who weren’t sure, like me, buckwheat is neither a grass or related to the wheat family. It’s a flowering plant which produces the seeds for great things like pillows and yes, buckwheat flour.

Asian noodle soup has to be in my top list of most amazing meals. The simplicity of them makes them satisfying and perfect. The noodles and broth create a host bowl for just about any combination imaginable.

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